Types of Beer Cooler and Their Uses

A commercial beer cooler is a device used to store and dispense beer while on-site at a restaurant or bar. It usually has a tap on a dispenser attached to the side of the unit, with an attached tap for running the cold tap manually. Commercial beer coolers come with specially couplers that use pressurized nitrogen, oxygen or regular air to push out the beer from the keg. Some have a plastic cooler bag in place of a foam cooler bag to reduce condensation so the beer stays cool. Most commercial units hold between two (2) to five (5) barrels of kegs.

Before you buy a beer cooler, it is important to know what size will fit your establishment’s needs. Keep in mind the number of kegs your establishment typically dispenses, especially if you are using the cooler for sales. It is also important to know what size bottle’s your establishment requires since these will determine what dimensions your cooler should be. The keg dimensions will determine the dimensions and shape of the cooler box and the bottom of the unit. The temperature range will affect the overall design and function of the cooler, so dimensions must be considered carefully.

Beer coolers come in many sizes and colors. The most common beer cooler is the non-faucet version, which has faucets located on the front of the unit, next to the tap. If faucets are necessary, they are usually located near the generators, since these faucets are used to dispense carbonated beverages from the keg through the tap. Faucets are available in stainless steel or chrome, depending on the aesthetics of the cooler. Some coolers also have a brass faucet.

There are a few things to consider when selecting a generator or refrigerator for your business. One is the size of the building where your business is located since the generator or DIY beer cooler needs to fit within the space available. Another is the capacity of the generator or DIY beer cooler you need since it is possible to buy some that hold up to 30 gallons of liquid at a time. If this is the case, you will also want to know the specific dimensions of the jockey board, since the more square footage the jockey has to stand on, the more drafty it needs to be.

Many business owners like to purchase an outdoor tabletop beer cooler for the patio or outdoors. These tables come in a wide array of styles, sizes, and capacities, but all have the important features of built-in faucets, draft holes, and thermometers. If you do not already have an outdoor tabletop cooler, you can find great deals on these models online. You can also go to a local home improvement store to find one or to shop at an online retailer such as Target.

An alternative to the outdoor tabletop model or one used in a home setting is the walk-in beer cooler, which can be found in both commercial and residential settings. These walk-ins have draft holes positioned on their side so that you can fill them with cold kegs for convenience. This type of cooler does not require a special opening, so it can be placed in restaurant kitchens, bars, and cafes. However, they cannot be used to store kegs in your home. If you want to use this type of unit to store kegs for home use, you will need an additional cooler to store kegs while you are away from home.

You should also take a look at the quality of the beer cooler you choose and the various options that you have. Many of these units have the option of having temperature control, co2 mitigation, air filtration, stainless steel construction, glass doors, decorative ways to keep the co2 out, and more. If you have a restaurant, you should look for a unit that has temperature control so you can have a cold beer served to your customers when they come in to eat.

Another option to keep canned and bottled beverages cold is to buy commercial beer coolers. These coolers can contain up to twenty-five gallons of draft beer and come with temperature control, co2 mitigation, air filtration, stainless steel construction, and more. They do not have temperature control like the ones found at home, but they are much larger and bulkier than the ones found at restaurants and bars. These beer dispensers are perfect for commercial businesses, house parties, picnics, tailgates, and more. If you have the space for them, they are the best way to keep your beers cold.