What and When You Should Post On Instagram

Let’s get right to it: when is the optimum time to post and what constitutes an ideal post? That is the most important question on everyone’s mind.

In 2022, when is the best time to post on Instagram?

The highlights of our research are summarized above. However, you should be aware that these quick results were the result of a lot of data processing, research, and analysis over a long period of time.

If you’re one of the few people who doesn’t post every day and wants a little more detail, here’s the cream de la creme of posting, the greatest days and hours in general.

The greatest time to publish in general for increased engagement and likes is Sunday, 3PM – 9PM CDT.

They’re talking about your business.

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These findings aren’t shocking at first glance. Many people get the Sunday Scaries on Sunday afternoons and evenings, a sensation of worry (or even dread) that comes with the knowledge that the weekend is over and the work week is about to begin again. One last dose of getaway could be just what you need to get rid of that feeling.

However, there are few surprises here – there isn’t much engagement connected with publishing in the early hours of the morning, and there’s a strong likelihood of engagement during the rest of the day and evening. Of course, there’s the minutiae of employment and such, as well as the fact that individuals are at work for the majority of the day. However, given that Instagram users spend an average of only 28 minutes a day on the platform and that the vast majority of users are under the age of 35, this makes sense.

The Appropriate Length for Instagram Posts

While there is no ideal formula for scheduling an Instagram post, there are some variables that appear to increase the success of a post significantly.

First and foremost, the word count. In general, it appears that less is more (we’ll go through each to buy instagram followers cheap business category later in the post).

Less than 19 words appear to elicit the level of interest you’d expect.

Which, however, you choose them, is a lot less than the 138-150 character average advised by some. A shorter description, on the other hand, makes sense when you consider that it gets truncated after 125 characters, and having to go through extra steps to connect with a post can be a turnoff for many.

On Instagram, how many hashtags should you use?

We get a more counter-intuitive outcome using hashtags.

Our findings imply that fewer hashtags are associated with greater likes, which contradicts the entire premise (and intended utility) of hashtags.

Although there are certain differences by industry, more hashtags do not always equate to more likes (on the contrary). As a result, it’s best to avoid using a lot of hashtags in a single piece of content.

While this discovery may appear to be at odds with other research in the field, there are a few probable explanations for its believability. One is that there is a snowball effect when it comes to existing accounts. Because popularity breeds celebrity, and “star power” tends to attract more followers, hashtags aren’t a problem for these accounts.

Another rationale is that posts with fewer hashtags are more likely to be represented (since they require less effort), and posts with high engagement are more likely to be found among these. All of this isn’t to argue that there’s a direct link, but it does suggest that strengthening your hashtag game isn’t necessarily the path to success.

Which performs better: Instagram photo or Instagram video?

Last but not least, it should not be surprising that videos are frequently good content.

The overall data paints a reasonably balanced picture in which it doesn’t seem to matter whether you choose a photo or a video.

If you had to choose, evidence recommends that you opt with a video to increase your odds.

When it came to the total number of likes, posts with video received somewhat more (54.3 percent) than posts without video (45.7 percent ).

It’s crucial to note, however, that practically all industries, with a few exceptions, follow the same blueprint. When the “Health” industry is removed, the ratio flips. Posts with video now have a 57 percent to 43 percent advantage. Bottom line: You have a strong probability of having a successful video post, and you shouldn’t be scared to share videos if you think they tell a better story than a photo.

When you combine statistics on the optimum time to publish on Instagram with what it takes to generate high interaction, you should be close to “the perfect post,” according to analytics.

The following is a summary of the answer to the question: What Does It Take to Get High Engagement on Instagram?

• Word count: fewer than 19

• Hashtags: a range of 0 to 3

• Yes, there is video.

Of course, each industry has its own quirks, so let’s delve deeper into each area.

Best Time to Post on Instagram for B2B Companies & How to Get High Engagement

• The best time is Wednesday at 4 p.m. CDT.

• The best time to engage is at 5 p.m. on Monday.

• The best days to visit are Monday and Wednesday.

• Word count: fewer than 19

• Hashtags: a range of 0 to 3

• Yes, there is video.

If the best time to post on Instagram is on a Sunday afternoon in general, things are different in the B2B market. The best days to post in the B2B niche are at the start of the week, most likely coincident with Monday through Friday working days. If you’re in the B2B market, make sure to update your Instagram strategy and social media calendar, and publish on social media when your followers and audience are most engaged.

Another unique feature of the B2B industry is the large amount of hashtags. Yes, it adheres to the usual rule that the less, the better. However, there is a significant difference in the amount of likes posts with less than three hashtags receive compared to the small number of likes posts with four or more hashtags receive. As the research reveals, hashtags should be used with caution in the B2B industry.

Influencers & Celebrities: When Should You Post on Instagram and How Can You Get More Likes?

• Best Time: 7 p.m. on Friday

• The best time to meet is at 5 p.m. on Sunday.

• The best days are Friday and Sunday.

• Less than 9 words in length

• Hashtags: a range of 0 to 3

• No video

First and foremost, the Influencers and Celebrities industry is unique in that it is the category with the most Instagram followers and, as a result, likes. This is most likely common given the influencer marketing industry’s profile. What may surprise you, though, is the low level of involvement in this area. There are extremely few comments, despite the large number of likes.

If you want to receive a lot of engagement, it seems like the optimal time to publish in this category is in the afternoons on weekdays, especially on weekends. This is most likely related to the celebrities’ lifestyles and the activities they attend, which tend to take place on weekends. This is likely one of the few categories where “night activity” is rather intensive, and a large number of likes for content posted at 1AM is not uncommon.

Furthermore, there does not appear to be a strong link between the amount of hashtags used and the number of likes/comments received by postings. The low number of words required to receive a large number of likes is unique to this category. This is also in line with the low level of involvement in this category (high number of likes but small number of comments).

As the quantity of words grows, the number of likes decreases dramatically. Furthermore, the majority of the posts already “follow” the “just-a-few-words” guideline, with the majority of them having under nine words.

This is a unique feature of the industry, and it makes sense when we consider it: what counts most is the image, the visual, click like, and go on; there is no significant contact. Also, keep in mind that this is one of the few categories where articles with videos receive fewer likes. In most of the other categories, the situation is reversed.

Education: When Is the Best Time to Post on Instagram and How Do I Get More Likes?

• The best time is Monday at 12 p.m.

• The best time to meet is at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

• The best days to visit are Monday and Sunday.

• Word count: 300 words or more

• Hashtags: 0 to 3; 6 to 10

• Video: both video and still images

When it comes to educational institution posts, it appears that Sundays and Mondays are the most successful. So, if you want to generate a lot of traction in this area, these are the days you should post the most.

They’re talking about your business.

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The high level of involvement in this area is really intriguing. This means that, while the number of likes isn’t as great as in other categories, the number of comments is extremely high in this category. This indicates that the followers in this category are quite active.

The quantity of words in posts with a high number of likes is another indicator of high engagement. The more, as shown in the graph below, the better. Given the industry’s profile, this conclusion is understandable; nonetheless, you must acknowledge that it is surprising. And we believe that users in this field are unaware of this information, as seen by the figure below, which shows that the number of postings with more than 200 words is rather low.

Consider these Instagram insights if you’re in the educational industry, and tailor your social media approach to your target demographic. Long, relevant pieces with up to 10 hashtags should be included in your content calendar. Additionally, aim to post on Mondays and Sundays, as this recipe may help you obtain the likes and comments you desire.

Health & Medicine: When to Post on Instagram and How to Get More Likes

• The best time is at 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

• The best time to engage is at 11 p.m. on Mondays and Sundays.

• The best days to visit are Monday and Sunday.

• Word count: less than 99

• Hashtags: two or three

• There is no video.

Mondays and Sundays appear to be the busiest days in the field of health and medicine. It could be related to people wanting to start a new week off right with a nutritious diet, an exercise plan, and better habits. Or, given the high level of involvement around 11 p.m., it could be related to people being concerned about health issues and not being able to communicate with an expert immediately away. All of these factors are, of course, conjecture, but bearing in mind the optimal periods for interaction in this sector is not. So, pay attention to the data, change your social media scheduling, and interact with your users when they are eagerly awaiting your content.

Another unique feature of the Health niche is that social media posts with photographs rather than videos perform better. As you can see in the graph below, posts with no video received more likes than those with video. When we consider that the postings are not brief (less than 99 words, but significantly more than the average), we can conclude that this category’s followers are highly engaged.

Most publishers in the Health & Medicine category don’t appear to be scheduling Instagram posts with the “correct” number of words. As you can see from the graph below, the majority of people in this category post content that is between 100 and 300 words long. Users, on the other hand, value and enjoy posts that are less than 100 words long. As a result, if you’re in this area, you should examine not only the timing but also the length of your messages.

Best Time to Post on Instagram for Home Goods & Services & How to Get High Engagement

• The best time to visit is on Saturday around 9 p.m.

• The best time to meet is at 6 p.m. on Monday.

• The best days to visit are Wednesday and Sunday.

• Less than 9 words in length

• Number of hashtags: 0

• Yes, there is video.

Everything from household items, appliances, and air conditioning to home-made furniture businesses and services are grouped together in this area. And, based on the data, the optimal time to publish and receive engagement in this category is after 6 p.m. Probably after work, when folks have free time to do housework.

The quantity of likes postings with no hashtags receive is particularly intriguing in this area. The majority of likes are related to postings that don’t use any hashtags, as shown in the screenshot below. While Instagram allows users to use up to 30 hashtags in a single post, when it comes to Home Goods & Services, posts without any hashtags appear to get the most likes. It’s not that postings with hashtags don’t get likes; it’s just that they get less public “applause.” This is a one-of-a-kind circumstance that accounts posting in this area should fully consider.