Video Games That Are Big This Year

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut

Disco Elysium tells the story of a detective who wakes in a coastal area with a severe headache and very little memory. In the world we created, you set out to find out what happened to him. For our setting, we have combined disco music, early motor cars, and post-revolutionary anger, and made it all come to life using actual oil paintings.


Gomez, a 2D man, is on a journey of discovery promo codes into the mysterious third dimension. You can change your perspective and see the world differently.

Streets of Rage 4 – Mr. X Nightmare

Wood Oak City continues to fight for justice. Our heroes wanted to be prepared for any future threats after the events of Streets of Rage 4. Blaze, Axel and their comrades will begin a special deranged training program with Dr. Zan. He has created an AI program using the remains of Mister X’s brain which simulates all the dangers they might face. This DLC includes: * Three new characters to play * Weekly challenges and Survival mode * Character customization: Create your own fighting style using new moves * New enemies and weapons!

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank’s Rift Apart, an intergalactic adventure by Insomniac Games, showcases the possibilities for games that use PS5’s SSD or DualSense wireless controller. Mid-game, players can seamlessly move through different dimensions. DualSense wireless controller makes combat more real with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback that enhance immersion.

It takes two

It Takes Two is an innovative co-op adventure from Hazelight that combines unique gameplay with emotional storytelling in a thrilling journey. Hazelight, a studio founded to expand the boundaries of what is possible in games, is the award-winning studio behind critically acclaimed A Way Out and Brothers. A Tale of Two Sons. Something different. Grab your favorite co-op member and step into the shoes May and Cody. Unknown to the couple, their minds are taken into two dolls that Rose, their daughter, created to represent them. They must now find a way back into their bodies. This quest will take them on the wildest, most unexpected, and most fantastical journey possible.

Don’t Overcook! All You Can Eat

Overcooked! All additional content and 2 are combined and remastered in this definitive edition. You can enjoy hundreds of levels in cooperative cooking chaos in increasingly dangerous and obscure kitchens.


If at first you don’t succeed Die, Die Again. Arkane Lyon has a new take on first-person action. “DEATHLOOP” takes players to Blackreef, a lawless island. It is a constant struggle between two exceptional assassins. You can explore stunning environments and carefully designed levels in this immersive gaming experience. To end the cycle, you must hunt down targets throughout the island. Remember, if you fail to succeed at the first attempt, you can always die later.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut contains: Ghost of Tsushima Full Game; Iki Islands expansion: New storyline, enemy types, and more*; Legends Online Co-op Mode; Downloadable content; Digital mini art book, Director’s Comment, Director’s commentary; Downloadable content; Digital mini art book; Director’s commentary; One Technique Point; Charm of Hachiman’s favor, Hero of Tsushima skin set. PS5 features: Dynamic 4K resolution at 60fps (requires compatible 4-K TV or display). DualSense(tm), wireless controller with haptic feedback, adaptive trigger resistance. 3D Audio (with analogue or USB stereo headphones). Lip sync for Japanese voiceover. Transfer PS4 saved progress into PS5

Monster Hunter Rise

Take on the challenge and join us in the hunt. The action-RPG series is back on the Nintendo Switch! Explore lush ecosystems and fight fearsome monsters in Kamura Village, a ninja-inspired setting. Half a century has passed since the last disaster, but now a new and terrifying monster threatens to bring the country into chaos. You can hunt alone or with your friends in a group to earn rewards which you can use for a wide range of weapons and armor. New gameplay systems, such as the high-flying wire action and your canine companion, Palamute, will add excitement to the already strong combat Monster Hunter is well-known for. You’re always ready for the next hunt, whether you’re at home, on-the-go, online, or offline.


Wildermyth is a tactical tactical RPG that creates myths. You can create iconic characters that will grow through rewarding battles and interactive storytelling.

F1 2021

F1(r), 2021 is the official videogame for the 2021 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAAMPIONSHIP(tm). Every story has a start. F1(r), 2021 features new exciting features, such as the story experience ‘Braking Point’ and two-player Career. You can also get closer to the grid by using ‘Real Season Start’.

The Nioh Collection

Remastered editions of the games will be available to celebrate the franchise’s 4 year anniversary. They feature up to 120FPS support and 4K resolution. You can now experience the entire Nioh 2 adventure in Nioh 2 Complete Edition. This edition also includes a remastered version: Nioh 2 Complete Edition. We have all the content you need in one place. All DLC for the two titles is included in The Nioh Collection for PlayStation 5, so you can relive the series. PlayStation 5 will have all the latest titles, including 4K resolution and 120 FPS gaming for stunning visuals. You can also transfer your data from PS4 to continue your journey.

Guilty Gear-Strive

“Guilty Gear-Strive-” marks the latest entry to the Guilty Gear fighting games franchise. “Guilty gear -Strive” was created by DaisukeIshiwatari. It was developed by Arc System Works. This game maintains the series’ legacy of delivering innovative hybrid 2D/3D cell-shaded graphics as well as intense, rewarding gameplay. A fully voiced story mode dives deep into the Guilty Gear universe. New characters join fan favorites and there is robust rollback net code. In “Guilty Gear-Strive”, the innovative 2D/3D hybrid graphics that were pioneered in Guilty Gear have been elevated to the next level. You’ll be amazed at the new artistic direction and improved character animations.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

Kazuma Kiryu, a Yakuza 6 character, will discover how many people are willing and able to give up their family ties. He investigates shadowy events that affect the closest members of his family. After serving a three-year sentence in prison, a more mature and experienced Kiryu discovers that Haruka, his surrogate, has disappeared from the orphanage where he cares for. He follows the trail to Kamurocho where he finds out that Haruka has been hit by a car, and is now in a coma. Kiryu discovers that Haruka has a son he must care for. Kiryu takes her baby with him to Onomichi in Hiroshima to discover the truth about Haruka and the sinister secrets that the Hiroshima Yakuza have. Yakuza 6’s unique blend of crime story, explosive combat and all the vices that these locations have to offer, is the best iteration of the game’s setting.

Tales of Arise

The Fate that Binds you? Rena, the planet in space, has been revered on the planet Dahna as a land for the righteous, and the divine. For generations, stories were passed down to the people of Dahna. Rena has ruled Dahna for 300 years, plundering the planet’s resources and denying people their dignity and freedom. Two people are born on two different worlds and each seek to change their fates and create a better future. Tales of Arise, the next chapter of the world-famous Tale of series features a new cast of characters and updated combat. The Next Chapter. Experience the next chapter of the Tales of series in stunning HD powered By Unreal Engine 4 Dynamic Action Dynamic Action RPG. It features an updated battle system that preserves classic Tales of gameplay. A New Tale Awaits A rich story with a vibrant world and new cast of character. Stunning Visuals Animation by Ufotable


GET AWAY WITH MURDER. You’re the detective who dunnit. Highly replayable detective game. From the makers of 80 Days, Heaven’s Vault and other detective games. JULY 1935. A MURDER HAS BECOME AT THE SS Hook, 8 HOURS OUT FROM NEW YORK. There is only one problem. Is it possible to get away with murder? GAMEPLAY Blackmail a spy. Love. Murder a rival. Cheat at cards. Do not drug a witness. Befriend, betrayal, console, sneaky, seduced, borrow, pray to, kill… There are clues and evidence. To ensure someone else falls, you’ll need all of your coercion, charisma and cunning.

Hitman 3

Death Awaits HITMAN 3 marks the dramatic end to the World of Assassination trilogy. It takes players on a worldtrotting adventure through sprawling sandbox areas and to distant lands. Agent 47 is back as a hard-working professional, securing the most important contracts in his career. Agent 47 is accompanied by Diana Burnwood, his Agency handler. He also joins forces to help Lucas Grey, his long-lost friend. They are determined to eradicate Providence’s partners, but they find themselves having to adapt to the pace of their pursuit. 47 and the world that he lives in will be forever changed after the dust settles. Top of the World Each mission location in HITMAN 3 has been meticulously designed and offers many creative possibilities. The game world will respond to every action and players will have unprecedented freedom to accomplish their goals. Platform of Assassination HITMAN 3 is the final place to play all three of the World of Assassination games. It will be possible to “import” locations from previous HITMAN titles into HITMAN 3. This will allow players of the three games to bring together all the locations in the trilogy. The progression system in HITMAN3 works across all locations, so you can play the entire trilogy starting to finish from within HITMAN 3. For example, you can unlock an item in Dubai to take with you to Paris. HITMAN 2 players have the option of transferring their hard-earned unlocks or progression to HITMAN 3.

Death’s Door

Although it can be monotonous to harvest the souls of the deceased and keep track of the clock, it is honest work for Crows. When your soul is stolen, the job becomes lively. You must track down a desperate criminal to find a realm that has not yet been touched by death. This realm is where creatures grow beyond their expiry date and are flooded with greed and power. Talon Sharp Combat: Use melee weapons, magic and arrows to defeat a wide range of beasts. Victory is earned and punished for mistakes. You can gain an edge by customizing your character stats, and mastering any abilities or upgrades that you get. A Beautifully Bleak World. Explore a world full of strange inhabitants and many secrets. You’ll find hope in the bizarre and fantastic characters you meet. The Dark Mystery to Unravel: Find and defeat massive tyrants, each with their own stories and motivations. This darkly comic tale will reveal the truth behind the flow of souls, how the Crows are used, and the origins of the Doors.

Chicory: A Colorful Story

A Painting Adventure: Your dog is a magician with a paintbrush. This top-down adventure game lets you use the power of art to solve puzzles, restore color to the world, and help your animal friends. Explore Picnic Province and draw anything! You can manipulate the environment using your paint to solve puzzles. Find new paint skills and use them for new places! Join a local co-op Paint with your friends! You’ll make new friends and meet interesting characters along the way. You can collect clothes, furniture, and brushes to express your creativity. Dress yourself and the rest of the world however you like!

Psychonauts 2

Razputin Aquato is a trained acrobat who has fulfilled his lifelong dream to join the international psychic espionage group known as the Psychonauts. These psychic super-spies are in serious trouble. Their leader isn’t the same since he was kidnapped. Worse, there’s also a mole hiding at headquarters. Raz must use his power to stop the mole, before they execute their secret plan, which is to bring back the psychic killer Maligula.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

There won’t be any objections to the Ace Attorney series, which features all the drama and fun set against the background of Victorian-era Britain or Japan. Follow Ryunosuke Narutodo’s adventures as he transforms the courtroom upside-down. It promises to be the most engaging story in the series, with an intriguing overarching mystery that spans two games. [Capcom]

It is impossible to play a game: The wrong dimension

There is no game. Don’t mess things up by clicking everywhere. Do you really want to get kicked out from your videogame world? No! “There is no game: wrong dimension” is a Point&Click comedy adventure. This will take you on an unexpected and hilarious journey through videogame universes. You will be able to follow the “Game” to find your home. We are convinced that you will not.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut

Legendary game creator Hideo Kojima has created a genre-defying experience. Now expanded and remastered for PlayStation 5, this Director’s Cut is the definitive version. The Death Stranding, a mysterious event that has occurred in the future, opens a portal between the living and dead. This allows for grotesque creatures from beyond the grave to roam the world of a desolate society. You will be able to take on Sam Bridges’ challenges with more combat, character actions, and a competitive ranking system that allows you to challenge other players. * Use additional weapons and vehicles to take on new enemy types. Explore new locations like the Firing Range or Racetrack that offer extra missions and minigames. Enjoy a longer storyline with new missions set in a larger area.


New Sieg is a fictional city. This romantic adventure will put you in the shoes of a smart, gifted journalist. You will play the role of a young woman who can jump in the past to a short time in the bodies and help others. She witnesses the murder of a corrupt lawyer and travels back in time to try to save him. As the story begins, our protagonist travels back in time to find Limbo in another body. You will have to rescue him.