These amazing mods will make you play GTA 5 again

GTA 5 mods that are best can change the look and feel of your game. Super realistic graphics and zombies are just a few of the many options available. You can also get completely new gameplay options like interiors and playing as a cop or prisoner. The right GTA 5 mods can make your game completely new.

Obviously in terms of mod there’s a lot of things you can try in GTA 5. It’s possible to get overwhelmed by the possibilities if you have never done it before. If this is the case, then this GTA5 mod guide will guide you to the best mods and show you how to download them. These mods will enhance your Grand Theft Auto 5 open world experience.

1. You can create an underwater metropolis by activating a tsunami
Mod:No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis

All of the greatest cities are found underwater. You can think about it: Atlantis, Rapture and that one from The Phantom Menace… Okay, not all the best cities, but some. What’s stopping you seeing if Los Santos fared better when submerged under ten thousand tonnes of H2O.

You can actually try it right now! This mod brings in a Tsunami that unleashes waves of salty water on the town. Only the highest skyscrapers are visible above the surface. This is an in-game natural catastrophe that must be seen to be believed.

2. Realistic thinking at a whole new level

Mod:GTA Realism

This hyper realism mod is for you if you like to follow every speed limit sign and traffic light as you drive through SoCal. This mod adds many small, but effective details to GTA 5 to make it feel more naturalistic and tactile.

Pedestrians can drop their wallets, weapons must be picked up physically, bleeding effects are possible when you’re shot, cops think more strategically, flat tires can be replaced with spares in the trunk, projectile drops are available, and so much more. This makes Grand Theft Auto a complete crime simulation. It’s quite brilliant.

3. Just Cause 2 gadgets make you a Rico Rodriguez knockoff

Mod:Just Cause 2 Eject + Parachute Thrusters, Just Cause 2 grappling hook mod

GTA is great at causing mayhem but it doesn’t quite compare to the kind of open-world madness that Just Cause can create.

This unofficial crossover means that Rico Rodriguez’s grappling hook and parachute thrusters can all be enjoyed in GTA 5 with these Just Cause flavoured mods. This mod can even make cars explode when you jump out of it, which is great for dealing avec all those roadblocks.

4. Play GTA from the cops’ viewpoint by crossing the fence

Mod:LSPD First Response

It is said that the best way defeating an enemy is to get to know them. So why not sign up for the Los Santos Police Department to walk a mile with a local cop?

You can enjoy detailed missions, police-themed vehicles and weapons, as well as customisation options, to really get the LSPD experience. You never know, you might even prefer it to your life of crime.

5. Go to prison and pay for your crimes.

Mod:Modifications for Prison

How come you don’t get to see the police working between your arrest and when you leave the hospital or station as a free man? Grand Theft Auto may have a loose idea of justice, but surely there is a judicial system in Los Santos.

This prison mod can help you. It will keep you in jail until you are caught by police. You’ll be able to walk around, interact with NPCs and even attempt to escape. You could also serve your sentence and hope to be a better man. That sounds boring! Prison break is it!

6. For maximum carnage, use vehicles as bullets

Mod:Vehicle Cannon 2.0

This one doesn’t need explanation, do you think? It is a vehicle cannon. It can shoot vehicles. The cannon can be fired at other vehicles (if you wish to make it funny), and the vehicles will come out the other side.

It sounds absurd. It sounds absurd. It certainly gives you an advantage in a firefight and it’s a lot of fun.

7. Explosiveness

Mod:Mayhem/Carmageddon mod

GTA 5’s beautifully filmed explosions are a favorite of everyone. They are second only to GTA 4. They don’t appear as often when you drive down the highway listening to your favorite radio station. This mod will cause any car within a reasonable radius to you to explode on cue. In no time you’ll reach a five-star wanted rating. But that’s no problem; police cars will explode when they come near you.